QubicBot app changelog

Version v12.0.94.1379

  • Login location can be chosen: region, home or last
  • Fixed bug making bot logging in and out (Greeter-related)
  • The most recent SmartBots add-ons
  • More stable SmartBots connection

Version v11.0.243.1376

  • Fixed crash when network connection is bad
  • Slightly refined user interface

Version v11.0

Huge update which changes a lot in QubicBot app, plus makes further updates easier!

  • New: updated app framework which allows receiving Second Life and SmartBots updates promptly.
  • General update: heavily improved RLV from SmartBots
  • General update: compatibility with SmartBots Bots Playground scripts marketplace
  • Update: bot returns back online much more reliably
  • Update: more reliable Bots Playground connection
  • Update: better memory usage
  • Update: better offline messages processing on login
  • Other: the most recent SmartBots features


  • Fix: workaround which fixes LL login bug for scripted agents (https://jira.secondlife.com/browse/BUG-231530)


  • Fix: fixed SmartBots Bot Playground connectivity


  • Performance updates: fixed memory leak of bots staying online for weeks
  • Fix: fixed disappearing SmartBots connection
  • Fix: removed unnecessary "Bot offline" messages while logging in


  • Platform update: updated .Net platform to address possible issues with Second Life login servers update
  • Improved: SmartBots Bots Playground connectivity improved
  • Fix: Greeter, RLV and BankBot fixes

The previous versions changelog is available here: http://qubicbot.com/changelog_v7_v9/