QubicBot - your very own Second Life bot

QubicBot is an application to run Second Life bots on your PC. The most important features of QubicBot are:

  • Supports unlimited number of bots (within single app)
  • Keeps your bot online with auto-reconnect.
  • Keeps your bots secure: the password is never outside your PC.
  • Sends IMs and group notices from app, saves them for future use.
  • No messaging limits.
  • Allows connections with third-party bot services (SmartBots) to use all benefits and features these services provide.



Using QubicBot

Download and install QubicBot app, get a license (includes a free trial!) and get your bots online. That's simple! We have a special page explaining the usage of QubicBot.

Use features of popular third-party bot hostings by connecting your QubicBot to SmartBots!

More features follow!

We are developing QubicBot to make it the most universal Second Life bot solution: lightweight, easy to use and reliable. Start using QubicBot right now!