Mass IM

The Mass IM feature allows you to send an Instant Message to an unlimited number of residents if you are using a premium License.

Note: This is reduced to 5 (five) persons if you are using the free trial license, it is disabled completel in the free version of the App. See features for more information.


How to Use:

To use the Mass IM feature:

Step 1: Select "Messaging" tab and then click on "Mass IM Manager":

Step 2: Enter your message (1) followed by the reason you are sending the message (2). After this you can add the reciepients (3). Please note it should only be one avatar name per line:

Step 3: Once you are done click "Start Delivery" to begin sending the IM's. The names will then be transferred to the processed names section (4). You can cancel at anytime by clicking the "Cancel" button: