2020.11.08 - v8 app, cloud and management update

Dear QubicBot users!

We are rolling out the major QubicBot update. It updates everything: the app, cloud and project management update.

App updates

The QubicBot app has been dramatically updated! We've fixed the most of major issues causing app to disconnect and crash (especially the online-offline loops). We also did a face-lifting of the app and going to start adding more features soon.

To outline the new app version we call it QubicBot Evo now.

QB Cloud update

We have a lot of users running their bots on Qubic Cloud! And all application fixes are integrated into the Qubic Cloud indeed.

In addition we are preparing a wonderful update for all cloud users: a web-accessible cloud app! You don't need Windows or remote connections anymore. You will use your browser soon: Windows, Mac, Andoid, iOS, Linux... whatever! This update will be rolled out this month.

Management updates

This major update became possible thanks to new QubicBot project management. We now have all new stuff: chief management,  development and support! You can ask your questions by IMs, through website chat or using tickets.

Check QubicBot website Contacts page for details.